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Tuscany Villa Holiday - Villa Accommodation - View Across the Valley from Villa Papavero

The ideal place for a perfect tuscany villa holiday - a beautifully restored historic farmhouse, set in the unspoilt countryside of Lunigiana

Tuscany Villa Holiday for 12 - Mountains & Beaches

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Have a fantastic tuscany villa holiday in incredible surroundings! It's like the dolomite mountains relocated to the mediteranean coast. Rent Villa Papavero in the undiscovered Lunigiana region of Tuscany. It will surprise you!

This Tuscany Villa Rental has something for everyone, providing a perfect villa holiday in Tuscany. You'll love it, whatever your passion - mountain sports, beach sports history and culture, or simply relaxing in beautiful countryside.The panoramic photo above is taken from the villa garden - see more photos of our tuscany villa holidays in our slideshows.

Those interested in visiting high mountains must visit our Walking & Climbing section. It includes detailed descriptions, maps and photos of many fantastic day walks.

Explore our website  "DISCOVER LUNIGIANA"  You'll be amazed!  Just click the Poppy Button 

Villa Papavero has been lovingly transformed from a traditional tuscan farmhouse into luxury holiday rental accommodation which sleeps 12 people in total. The main villa sleeps 10 and a self contained apartment on the first floor of the villa sleeps 2.

The villa has a superb location close to the town of Aulla, an ideal spot for your best ever tuscany villa holiday. It is close to 5 local airports , 25 minutes from the coast where there are truly stunning  beaches, and 20 minutes from 2 contrasting yet spectacular mountain ranges.

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Outside Villa Papavero

Inside Villa Papavero

Villa Papavero has everything you need for a luxurious Tuscany villa holiday. Highlights of this large, self catering villa include:

  • Spacious, Luxury Accommodation - Sleeps 10-12 Adults, 10 in the main villa and 2 in a self contained apartment
  • Set in Beautiful Countryside amidst Vineyards, Olive Groves, Farmland and Forests - see panoramic view above
  • 45 Minutes from Pisa Airport
  • Surrounded by Mountains - One Hour from serious Walking & Climbing - including winter Skiing
  • Close to Coast - 25 Minutes from Beautiful Sandy Beaches , with hill & mountain backdrops
  • 1 Hour from Florence, Parma, Genova, Cinque Terre
  • 6 Double Bedrooms
  • 3 King Size Beds & 6 Single Beds
  • Master Bedroom with En-Suite Bathroom
  • Self Contained Apartment with Double Bedroom & En-Suite Bathroom - Sleeps 2
  • 2 Further Bathrooms
  • Wonderfully Equipped Master Kitchen to make Self Catering Simple
  • Second Small Kitchen within Self Contained Apartment
  • Large Inside Dining Area - Seats 12
  • Large Outside Dining Area - Seats 12
  • 4 Patios, BBQ & Large Garden

Villa Papavero will exceed your expectations -  a perfect Tuscany villa holiday.

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Villa Papavero really is a 5 
 Star Villa

Please explore the web sites of our friends and neighbours at Picchio Verde Agriturismo and Farm-Camping Ulivetta

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